I am a twenty-something living one degree north of the Equator in the city-island-state of Singapore.

I am currently existing in what anthropologists call a “liminal state” of being, a state which many people who have been twenty-something can probably relate to. I am presently “betwixt and between” in just about every area of my life and am perpetually ‘in transit’ waiting for a flight that keeps on getting delayed. Basically, I am supposed to be going somewhere/’moving forward’ with my life but I (look like I) am stuck in my own modern millennial limbo.

As is usual for people who don’t have anywhere to go, I sometimes have a lot to say, and these things are generally not relevant to anyone else’s lives/interests, and are usually half baked ideas and reflections that come about in my interactions with people who appear to be going somewhere or in my yoga practice.

I occasionally (and take this declaration of my posting frequency very seriously) post things about my #yogajourney or other anecdotes/insufficiently researched opinions.