Whenever my yoga teachers tell me to think of a mantra before classes my mind always seems to drift to three words “strength, ease, and gratitude.”

“Strength” because it is important to discipline the body and mind to endure the poses and sequences that are difficult for me.

“Ease” because even when I am pushing my body I don’t want to push it to the point of injury, and I still want to be able to have a smile on my face.

“Gratitude” because none of us should ever take our bodies’ capabilities for granted. Even if we are not as strong or as flexible as we would like to be, we need to be consciously appreciative of what we have, rather than fixated on what we don’t have.

A couple of days ago with the help of two of my favourite instructors I was able to get into eka pada rajakapotasana (one-legged king pigeon pose) for a short amount of time. It was not perfect, but I am so grateful that my body could do that, at least on that day. Asana come and go, and a pose you achieve one day could be a pose you “perfect” over time, or it could be a pose you are never able to enter again. All things in this life are temporary and nothing is guaranteed, so I’ve found it is useful to try and approach things with strength, ease, and gratitude ❤.


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