Practice makes progress

IMG-20170219-WA0005.jpgIt’s been six months since I have started practicing yoga regularly, and boy, a lot has changed since then.

Internally, I feel so much more balanced than I was before, and this comes through in my physical practice. Just two months ago it would have been difficult to come into the birds of paradise pose (above) at all. My mind was constantly buzzing with thoughts and anxieties. So much so that it was difficult to find ease and peace in being slow or still. I kept rushing through yoga and felt frustrated every time I lost my balance in one-legged asana.

These days mind is clearer, and my heart is more open. My practice has been such a gift :).





2 thoughts on “Practice makes progress

  1. I do love balance poses. I think I’d be better off practicing them more often at home. When somebody falls out of the pose in class, my eye catches it and it throws off my balance.

    But perhaps that is the purpose to learn to maintain balance in the midst of chaos. 🙂

    So happy that you are enjoying your practice. I find that it really does center me.


    • Oh wow. My reply is coming in really late! But I totally understand what you are saying about falling out in class – just happened to me yesterday! And that point is quite beautiful. We should all work towards maintaining balance in the midst of chaos 🙂

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